TWOPHONE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED established on 2011,located Shenzhen,Guangdong,is an integrated company with R&D and production which focus on Dual Sim products for years.

In 2008,the founder has registered Patent”The method and equipments of using STK/UTK to switch Dual Sim for mobilephones”in China.Patent No. ZL200510121059.7; In 2013, the founder has registered Patent “Back up battery for mobilephones”in Taiwan. Patent No. D156828

Our company is keep developing Dual Sim products for mobilephones,and now get 3 series Dual Sim products,which is Dual Sim Adapter,Dual Sim Battery Case,Dual SIM Bluetooth Adapter

At present, our products have been sold to more than 50 countries around the world, and achieve many customers’affirmation for the quality of products. We sincerely welcome more companies to be our partners.

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