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Before smartphones heat the market,the normal cellphone has been popular for a long time.At the beginning,everyone had one phone for one sim card,but quite soon,it became not enough for some people.

In 2005,our founder Oscar,who has keen business insight,found the customer demand of Dual Sim products.We started developing new products of dual sim standby for Nokia series cellphones.It was a huge success when the product came out,it fits the needs of people who want use 2 sim cards with only 1 cellphone.

Afterwards,we keep developing the Dual Sim for many cellphones till the built-in dual sim cellphone became popular.We got many patents and good feedbacks.Now we focus on the Dual Sim for iPhone models,and determine to provide more convenient products to our sincere customers.Like charging the phone while use 2 sim cards,using Bluetooth solution,etc.We are ahead of the whole industry of dual sim.

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